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Hello i am Jenny and i am 18 years old. I love music, Tv- SUPERWHOLOCK, Walking dead, Once upon a time, Merlin (still living in my heart) avengers and always looking for new fandoms!! I love BOOKS (so many more i cant list them) I hope who ever is visiting my blog has a lovely day:)


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ppl be talkin about the new 3d/live action spongebob movie but all i can think is


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i don’t think we talk about this enough

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"Just because your pain is understandable, doesn’t mean your behavior is acceptable." —

Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience (via derikisu)

Keep this one in your back pocket for the next time someone acts like an ass and then tells you they’ve been through a lot of stuff. Respectful and yet still firmly keeping respect for yourself. 

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less unhealthy tragic lesbian movies, more lesbian romantic comedies

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idc if it’s true or not this headline is all that matters to me. x

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I don’t care what you think about Cinderella or Disney Sequels, this movie has some awesome messages

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Some new footage of Guardians of the Galaxy.

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when the teacher calls on you and you get the answer right


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tragedy strikes the enterprise

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I’m beginning to wonder if Mark Ruffalo just trolls Tumblr and reports back to the others. Like… “Hey guys… they call Evans a dorito…” and RDJ just sitting there like “Well that’s gonna be a thing.”

I mean. Really.

sounds legit.

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Oh my gosh since there’s a car behind him, they weren’t filming, right? Does this mean this is how Aaron Tveit walks all the time?

#i think he’s just too into character #like the other actors would be conversing and he’s be like ‘stop this there is a revolution at hand our little lives don’t count at all’ and the actors where like ‘aaron calm down you’re not actually enjolras’ but he is #Aaronjolras #Les Miserables

Those tags, tho.

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